Posted by: livingthecanadiandream | 19 September, 2015


A really late update! I went back to Sweden after almost one year in Vancouver, 23rd April 2012. My friends and Sweden haven’t change but I felt like a new person and different. I had experience so much and I liked my new me. But my new me, open-minded, saying hi to strangers and talk to them is not Swedish at all. People here, specially in Stockholm is so reserved and just like to be in its on bubble. It was hard to adjust and I didn’t want to change me that I like. Questions that pop-up in my mind were do I need to move back abroad? Do I need to change back to become my old me so I will fit in this society? I think I got a identity crisis.

The main reason I moved back to Sweden was to get a bachelor degree. It’s no tuition here. I have on semester left to get my degree and I am thinking about to do the same thing in New Zealand but I think I am gonna travel more.

Today 19th September 2015 when I look back to the year in Vancouver, I don’t regret it but I don’t want to it all over again. It took over six months to create a life there, finding jobs, a place to stay and friends, set routines in your daily life; bank account and so on. The two last months in Vancouver were the best and that made it up for all the hardness and home-sickness in the end! I travelled, hang out with friends and felt like a tourist, no work.

About my identity crisis, I am still open-minded and say hi to strangers and talk to them but I have a cool it down a bit. The year in Vancouver made me more brave and not so shy anymore!

I want to share my story about the Canada Revenue Agency, the tax from my year from Canada that have hunted me until this year 2015 in March. Later!



  1. Hi, I am in Toronto and interested in learning more about Sweden. Are there swedish communities here that you know of?

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