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A really late update! I went back to Sweden after almost one year in Vancouver, 23rd April 2012. My friends and Sweden haven’t change but I felt like a new person and different. I had experience so much and I liked my new me. But my new me, open-minded, saying hi to strangers and talk to them is not Swedish at all. People here, specially in Stockholm is so reserved and just like to be in its on bubble. It was hard to adjust and I didn’t want to change me that I like. Questions that pop-up in my mind were do I need to move back abroad? Do I need to change back to become my old me so I will fit in this society? I think I got a identity crisis.

The main reason I moved back to Sweden was to get a bachelor degree. It’s no tuition here. I have on semester left to get my degree and I am thinking about to do the same thing in New Zealand but I think I am gonna travel more.

Today 19th September 2015 when I look back to the year in Vancouver, I don’t regret it but I don’t want to it all over again. It took over six months to create a life there, finding jobs, a place to stay and friends, set routines in your daily life; bank account and so on. The two last months in Vancouver were the best and that made it up for all the hardness and home-sickness in the end! I travelled, hang out with friends and felt like a tourist, no work.

About my identity crisis, I am still open-minded and say hi to strangers and talk to them but I have a cool it down a bit. The year in Vancouver made me more brave and not so shy anymore!

I want to share my story about the Canada Revenue Agency, the tax from my year from Canada that have hunted me until this year 2015 in March. Later!

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Daylight Saving Time = Sommartid

When I started the cash register at work on Monday. The time had changed. It was one hour behind my watch. I knew that people in Sweden were falling back with one hour 30th October 2011. So I was afraid that I missed something but my boss was at work at the same time as me. I have not heard anything on news or so.

Later I asked my friend. He did not know. I googled it and tonight is the night we are going to gain one hour. The Daylight Saving Time (DST) will stop. When it is 3:00 AM on the 6th November 2011. Then it is 2:00 AM again. So do not forget to move back one hour before you go to bed!

I have not heard anything about it in media like when I used to in Sweden, to remind everybody about the time change. But I do not have any TV-channels, I do not read Metro or 24hours everyday and I just started to listen to the radio. But I saw a notice about it on a door to a shop 🙂

I found a good website to look up all the Daylight Saving Time around the world, When the summer is coming again, we will loose one hour. That would happen 11th March 2012.

If you want to know the current time, coordinates and UTC/GMT offset on one page take a look here:

Strange that we have different dates when the Daylight Saving is ending.





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Happy Thanksgiving!

Canada is celebrating Thanksgiving the 10th of October 2011 and it is a statutory holiday (sv. röd dag). That means I am off from work. I was invited  to a friend’s family dinner in Yaletown yesterday. We started one day early. US celebrate Thanksgiving one month after Canada, 24th of November 2011. Next big thing that is happening is Halloween! Here are some pictures from the dinner.

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Stanley Cup Finals Game 6 – Ice hockey live

Game 6 - Vancouver - Boston

The second night in Vancouver when I stayed at the hostel. The host for the pub crawl event asked me where I came from and I said Sweden. “I would had guess that. You have the accent. Do you know that we have two Swedes that play for the Canucks?” I was thinking in my mind, what is Canuks? “No I don’t” “The twins Sedins!” “Ohh, I know who they are but I did not know they are playing here.” This was the first time I heard about Canuks – the short name for the ice hockey team in Vancouver.

Canucks is the only Canadian team that has the chance to win the famous Stanley Cup. They are against the American team Boston, also called Bruins. I have wanted to see the ice hockey live at Rogers Arena formely known as General Motors Place (GM Place). It is really hard to be one of the last two teams in the finals. And Vancouver is when I am here! but the tickets are SO expensive. Vancouver has the chance to win it all, best of seven games. The score is now Vancouver – Boston 3 – 2.

Game 6 at Rogers Arena - big screen

The game six is playing in Boston and Rogers Arena is airing the game on the big screens in the arena and the ticket price $ 10 is going to charity. I could not find any, all sold out  at Ticketmaster ( The other day I was walking home from China Town and I passed agents that was selling tickets from people that want/can not go. So I compared and almost order a ticket from Show Time Tickets, ( I waited and I went to the shop to ask for the best seat in the price zone I wanted to sit on the game day. And they increased the ticket price that day due a lots of order being made. And they can not confirm the seat until almost the game start.  I was so disappointed!  It was my last chane to watch the Stanley Cup Final that I could have afford to. They call me around 3.oo pm and I got the ticket!!! I paid a lot though $ 72.80 (508,67 SEK) at the balcony section. I meet a co-worker after the first period. They had a seat left so I joined them. Better view!

Almost full arena

Towel time?

You see, the first image on this post, you see a towel that you get on your seat at arena. When you want to cheer on the team you just wave with you towel in the air! And sometimes above the big screen it says towel time.

Canucks lost with 2 -5 but Henrik Sedin, the captain scored! Here they put the home team in the end and the visitor team first when you are writing the result.

The mascot is giving away t-shirts

Henrik Sedin scored the first goal for the Canucks!
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Finding job in Vancouver

The blog took a lot of time from my job search thats why you have not heard something from me.  I made a promised to myself to update the blog when I got a job, until then no blogging or Facebook, but with Facebook I bent the rule a bit. I have not got a contract job yet but I got a temporary assignment for three days with a placement agency (sv. bemanningsföretag).

After eight hours (3.00 PM – 11.00 PM) counting for inventory, and three hours sleep and more counting today for six hours (7.00 AM – 1.00 PM)  I am sleepy. No Skytrain so early in the morning from downtown so I needed to take bus and changed three times. I was the first to arrive 6.40 AM and the person with the key showed up at 7.05 AM. I still worked out for one hour after I came home. I thought I would be more alert and I did not want to go to sleep already at 3.00 PM. No problem with that, I had my computer and a channel was airing “Maid in Manhattan” with Jennifer Lopez on TV. I was awake until 11.00 PM. Good job Lena!

SO how have I been looking for work? I will try to answer the question later…. Very sleepy now. The clock is 1.30 PM.

Good night!

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The 2011 Billboard Music Awards

Yeah! Live performances and music. Me like!

And when Taio Cruz performed Break Your Heart,,  I remembered my friends from the hostel. And when we were at the Celluar and danced all night long! Sorry Jay and Rich! I do not have any photos of you guys.


The awards made me missed my friends from the first week in Vancouver but I really liked the live performances. The best performer tonight was Beyonce  – Run The World (Girls) but best live voices were Lady Antebellum – Just A Kiss. Why did not Taylor Swift sing? Hopefully I can buy the exepensive tickets to her concert show when I find a job soon.

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Swedish food and dinner

My landlord is away for a business trip so I took the chance to invite some friends for a Swedish dinner and board games night! It took me more than three hours to do the grocey shopping for the dinner.

I could not find vanilla sugar or the vanilla extract that the guys are using here and bread crumbs! After twenty minutes I walked to the customer service and asked the lady. I was lucky! She found the last package of the vanilla sugar.

And it is really vanilla sugar not like back home in Sweden, vanilla powder.

She gave me instructions to find the bread crumbs and the regular one without seasonings was of course sold out.

I went back home and left my shopping bag to try another grocery store and the same thing there. And one of my guest is intolerant to corn so I could not buy the gluten free one that was made of corn.

My landlord told me that it is a lots of sales in the weekends. We need paper towels so I got mission to buy it from Canadian Tire, The store is like Jula and Biltema back home. The sale started in Friday and I was there yesterday – Saturday. And it was already sold out. I could not find it first so I asked a man who had one of the package in his cart. And he showed me the shelf and it was empty. He told me that it was full when he took his package. And he said to me to ask one of the workers about if they have more in the store room. I asked and it was sold out. Just after two days! Crazy! But I got the deal from London Drugs, toilet paper 🙂

Guess what I cook? Meatballs, brown sauce (fake from powder) and boild potatoes. I forgot the jam, lingonberry.


I was planing to do a chocolate cake (sv. kladdkaka) with whipped cream. But I ran out of time. I served ice cream with berries.

So today when I woke up I baked my cake. I was scared about the cocoa powder I bought, that was not good enough. Look so bright the powder is, should the powder not be more darkeer? I bought a fair trade product so I would be safe.

But the cake tasted alright!

I am glad that I got the right flour now. I asked a couple that were buying flour too. I was a ? when I needed to choose. The flour comes is bleached, unbleached and enriched package. Which should I choose? I went crazy. I did not want to buy the wrong flour again.

I finally found my fine white peppar and so so fine black peppar too.

And guess what I found more?

Swedish knäckebröd (eng. hard bread)!

Danish cheese

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Summer is here… or not

Full moon!

I just looked out I noticed it was full moon

I can count the sunny days on my one hand since I arrived to Vancouver so when we had two sunny days on the row I thought the summer was here to stay. But I was proven wrong. But I enjoyed the sun until it disappear again. See:

The second day I was attending a friend’s small gathering birthday party.

This is from the 22nd floor.   

Of course some pictures of me!

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Richmond and Ikea Richmond

Richmond is an island and area outside the Vancouver suburbans. You take the Canada Line from Vancouver downtown for ca 20 -30 min and you will be there.

If you stay at Lansdowne station you have a really big shopping mall that is worth the visit. The groceries are cheaper there!  We visited Jysk! and other furniture shops. My landlord wanted to find a futon for me in my little closet room.

After that we went back to Bridgeport station, and then we should take a bus 407 or 430 but it was not coming until 30 min so we walked to the Casino and we took a cab. It was pretty far away. We paid $13. I got so excited when I entered the entrance. I was so happy and I was feeling like home.


IKEA Richmond did not sell the Idealisk – measuring cup in stainless metal. The seller suggested the one in plastic – Fläckig. The plastic one would surely burst. So I did not get any.

Of course I tried the food. It was dinner time when we got there.


Guess what I picked for food?


My landlord picked:


Do we have the veggie burgers in Sweden?

  Taking the bus back to the station.

So yesterday I bought:   Clothes hangers for my room! 30 pieces for $20.

Today I get an Ikea futon in my room. My landlord found a friend that lent her the futon for a while.


So I have a my own room now!

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A proper map

Map book

I thought that my map from the Vancouver Tourist Center will do but no… it is just for Vancouver downtown. When I was house hunting I always needed to call the landlord to find the place. So I went to a book shop and I bought I really big one. They did not have so much choices to choose between. I paid $ 22 with the taxes. It is worth the money to get one – I have use mine a several times. Let me guess? Just use your smartphone with GPS. But I do not have one.

And a tip take a “SkyTrain Riders’ Guide” too to see the SkyTrain route.

The SkyTrain guide

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