Posted by: livingthecanadiandream | 13 June, 2011

Stanley Cup Finals Game 6 – Ice hockey live

Game 6 - Vancouver - Boston

The second night in Vancouver when I stayed at the hostel. The host for the pub crawl event asked me where I came from and I said Sweden. “I would had guess that. You have the accent. Do you know that we have two Swedes that play for the Canucks?” I was thinking in my mind, what is Canuks? “No I don’t” “The twins Sedins!” “Ohh, I know who they are but I did not know they are playing here.” This was the first time I heard about Canuks – the short name for the ice hockey team in Vancouver.

Canucks is the only Canadian team that has the chance to win the famous Stanley Cup. They are against the American team Boston, also called Bruins. I have wanted to see the ice hockey live at Rogers Arena formely known as General Motors Place (GM Place). It is really hard to be one of the last two teams in the finals. And Vancouver is when I am here! but the tickets are SO expensive. Vancouver has the chance to win it all, best of seven games. The score is now Vancouver – Boston 3 – 2.

Game 6 at Rogers Arena - big screen

The game six is playing in Boston and Rogers Arena is airing the game on the big screens in the arena and the ticket price $ 10 is going to charity. I could not find any, all sold out  at Ticketmaster ( The other day I was walking home from China Town and I passed agents that was selling tickets from people that want/can not go. So I compared and almost order a ticket from Show Time Tickets, ( I waited and I went to the shop to ask for the best seat in the price zone I wanted to sit on the game day. And they increased the ticket price that day due a lots of order being made. And they can not confirm the seat until almost the game start.  I was so disappointed!  It was my last chane to watch the Stanley Cup Final that I could have afford to. They call me around 3.oo pm and I got the ticket!!! I paid a lot though $ 72.80 (508,67 SEK) at the balcony section. I meet a co-worker after the first period. They had a seat left so I joined them. Better view!

Almost full arena

Towel time?

You see, the first image on this post, you see a towel that you get on your seat at arena. When you want to cheer on the team you just wave with you towel in the air! And sometimes above the big screen it says towel time.

Canucks lost with 2 -5 but Henrik Sedin, the captain scored! Here they put the home team in the end and the visitor team first when you are writing the result.

The mascot is giving away t-shirts

Henrik Sedin scored the first goal for the Canucks!


  1. I would suggest trying next time from your smart phone. Quickly search live pricing for the hockey game and compare all tickets and make the best selection. This way your not just comparing one place for your needs. Paying only $72 bucks for a Stanley cup final ticket is a steal and you got an amazing price!

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