Posted by: livingthecanadiandream | 22 May, 2011

Swedish food and dinner

My landlord is away for a business trip so I took the chance to invite some friends for a Swedish dinner and board games night! It took me more than three hours to do the grocey shopping for the dinner.

I could not find vanilla sugar or the vanilla extract that the guys are using here and bread crumbs! After twenty minutes I walked to the customer service and asked the lady. I was lucky! She found the last package of the vanilla sugar.

And it is really vanilla sugar not like back home in Sweden, vanilla powder.

She gave me instructions to find the bread crumbs and the regular one without seasonings was of course sold out.

I went back home and left my shopping bag to try another grocery store and the same thing there. And one of my guest is intolerant to corn so I could not buy the gluten free one that was made of corn.

My landlord told me that it is a lots of sales in the weekends. We need paper towels so I got mission to buy it from Canadian Tire, The store is like Jula and Biltema back home. The sale started in Friday and I was there yesterday – Saturday. And it was already sold out. I could not find it first so I asked a man who had one of the package in his cart. And he showed me the shelf and it was empty. He told me that it was full when he took his package. And he said to me to ask one of the workers about if they have more in the store room. I asked and it was sold out. Just after two days! Crazy! But I got the deal from London Drugs, toilet paper 🙂

Guess what I cook? Meatballs, brown sauce (fake from powder) and boild potatoes. I forgot the jam, lingonberry.


I was planing to do a chocolate cake (sv. kladdkaka) with whipped cream. But I ran out of time. I served ice cream with berries.

So today when I woke up I baked my cake. I was scared about the cocoa powder I bought, that was not good enough. Look so bright the powder is, should the powder not be more darkeer? I bought a fair trade product so I would be safe.

But the cake tasted alright!

I am glad that I got the right flour now. I asked a couple that were buying flour too. I was a ? when I needed to choose. The flour comes is bleached, unbleached and enriched package. Which should I choose? I went crazy. I did not want to buy the wrong flour again.

I finally found my fine white peppar and so so fine black peppar too.

And guess what I found more?

Swedish knäckebröd (eng. hard bread)!

Danish cheese

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