Posted by: livingthecanadiandream | 16 May, 2011

Richmond and Ikea Richmond

Richmond is an island and area outside the Vancouver suburbans. You take the Canada Line from Vancouver downtown for ca 20 -30 min and you will be there.

If you stay at Lansdowne station you have a really big shopping mall that is worth the visit. The groceries are cheaper there!  We visited Jysk! and other furniture shops. My landlord wanted to find a futon for me in my little closet room.

After that we went back to Bridgeport station, and then we should take a bus 407 or 430 but it was not coming until 30 min so we walked to the Casino and we took a cab. It was pretty far away. We paid $13. I got so excited when I entered the entrance. I was so happy and I was feeling like home.


IKEA Richmond did not sell the Idealisk – measuring cup in stainless metal. The seller suggested the one in plastic – Fläckig. The plastic one would surely burst. So I did not get any.

Of course I tried the food. It was dinner time when we got there.


Guess what I picked for food?


My landlord picked:


Do we have the veggie burgers in Sweden?

  Taking the bus back to the station.

So yesterday I bought:   Clothes hangers for my room! 30 pieces for $20.

Today I get an Ikea futon in my room. My landlord found a friend that lent her the futon for a while.


So I have a my own room now!


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