Posted by: livingthecanadiandream | 14 May, 2011

The first or second rude Canadian person I met in Vancouver

My expression about the people here in Vancouver is that they are generally very helpful and friendly. I have just met around five persons that were not like that.

But today I found the young woman at the counter at the Vancouver Driver Licensing Office very rude! I went there to make my ID card. Yesterday I noticed that I needed one when I was  grocery shopping. The cashier wanted to compare my signature with my driving licence. I had my Swedish one with me and I passed. But it is more comfortable to have an ID card than to bring my passport everytime. The charged me $ 35 for that, to make the ID card. I will get in the mail within 4-6 weeks.

Back to the rude person. She did not say hi when I came to the counter after 45 min waiting time in the line and when I was taking  the photo. She said: just wait for the flash and do no smile. I closed my eyes at the photo and after two and three times she said: YOU NEED TO OPEN YOUR EYES! with the tone that I was stupid!

Of course I knew that! But they did not have any countdown.  After the fourth time I got it. She was really damned that I taken so much time from her I think. She took deep breaths.

If you want to apply for an ID card, bring your passport and your visa to the nearest Vancouver Driver Licensing Office,


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