Posted by: livingthecanadiandream | 14 May, 2011

Am I an immigrant?

Yesterday and today I was reading my two books in the sections finding jobs/working  in Canada. The important thing is network the authors say. And to get a network become volunteer to get to know people and when you are new in town it is a great way to meet new friends. So I am think I gonna to try that…

They are useful now!

And when I applied for my Social Insurance Number I took a brochure about Employment Resource Centres. When I visited the website  I found all the centres in Vancouver. They have a lots of centres for immigrants. I called one that sounded good, MOSAIC and I am not allowed to use the services due I am not an immigrant. I feel like one and I thought I was one but I am here for temporary visa so I am not an immigrant.

I wanted help with my CV to make it Canadian. Then I need to register to the centre you want help from before they can help you. I registered in two centres: Family Services of Greater Vancouver and YMCA Career Zone (ages 15-30) Pretty close to my home. But I was there around the closing time so I need to go on Monday again to get some help. Due I am here on working holiday permit I am not allowed to use the service one-to-one consultation 😦 Is it like that in Sweden too? You need to have a SIN-number before you can register.

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