Posted by: livingthecanadiandream | 12 May, 2011

Vancouver Aquarium

Sorry, I know it is lots of posts in the same day but I did not have time to post all the pictures before. I think it is better to do it right now when I have opportunity so I do not save it until later. Otherwise I will forget about the pictures and when I took it.

So here are some pictures from Vancouver Aquarium, ,  it is located in the famous Stanley Park. A park bigger than Central Park in New York. The first one who is visiting me here in Vancouver I will take a bicyle ride with you in the park.  I heard it will be beautiful in the park and along the English Bay – the coast with a beach too.

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I visited the Aquarium with one of Karen ann’s friend – Victoria. And in the evening I was eating dinner at The Templeton – US diner, that Rich and Jay recommended. I was craving for the mashed potatoes that I could not find in the menu so I took fish and chips. Then I met Rich and Jay in the diner and they find the mashed potatoes in the menu. Jay ordered mashed potatoes with garlic and carrots so I got to try it 😀 My own mashed potatoes taste better :p

Fish and chips with beer dough

After the dinner I was meeting Victoria again for a 70′ and 80′ home party. And I made some more new friends!


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