Posted by: livingthecanadiandream | 12 May, 2011

Continuation of my own place or shared with room mates? part 2

After the last post that I called “My own place or shared with room mates?” I have viewed other eight rooms.

9.  UBC Campus – to far away and the expensive montly rent was not worth the money. It took me ca 45 min to go to the downtown. I did not see any ocean or mountain view that the ad said. See for yourself!


Before I left home that day I was putting an ad on and – two websites that it is valuable at least Craiglist to find a ad for houseing hunting.  Then I got some phone calls.

10. One phone call was a really nice woman that had one apartment in Yaletown. Everything was really good accept the room was tiny – litterally a closet with no window. But shared living room and kitchen. I will be just sleeping in the room. I do not if it is worth to have a place near downtown or have a bigger room?

11. Another call was in Langara. With a mom and a son. I met them both. Really nice. I would have my own room, shared kitchen and living room. But do I want to live with a family? And it was bus from the Langara – 49th Ave station.

I think I am spoiled from Sweden when I have lived so close to the downtown there. Just 7 min from my home in Stockholm – the capital of Sweden…

I have got email and calls from people who where livivng i Burnaby (40-60 min from downtown) and Surrey (1 hour from downtown).

12. Other call was outside station Marine Drive and then bus 100 in 15 min. It was really good, my own apartment with a bedroom, a bathroom and a room with kitchen and living room on ground floor. MINUS – location.

13. Another call was a shared in room on Fraser St. Bus from downtown or bus from Oakridge -41 st Ave station. Two rooms available and it was totally four rooms with shared kitchen and living room. I got to meet the room mates. One of them is going to move out in end of May. The one wanted to find a room closer to his school. He said the minus thing to leaving here is the transport at night. Then I got to know by accident that people downstairs is smoking marijuana (it is more common to called it weed here). It is common here and it is illegal on paper but not in real life.

14. I got an email from a Chinese family which the daughter has asthma too. It was a room in the basement of the house, by 5 min walk from Oakridge -41 st Ave station. I liked it. Just near the Elizabeth park. The room had a nice renovated kitchen and a bathroom with bath tub. My own washing machines. The family had their own upstairs. Do I want to live by myself?

15. Then it was a living room – with sofa bed, a sofa, dining table and balcony at Broadway St. Bus from the Broadway station or transfer to another bus from there, from downtown. A woman from Russia who has been living in Canada for 14 years. I noticed that I needed to be very very clean. She was cleaning the table after she just dropped some crumbs. She did not cook at home so the kitchen I would use mostly.

So this was 8th of May. I noticed that I was more angry and annoyed when I was talking to people back home. And I was so sick and tired of the hostel.  And looking and viewing housing too. So I decided with the woman with closet space to move in for temporary stay. I will stay here until I find a job and know which area I am working in (or if I find a good place in downtown). Then I know how much money I can spend on rent and which area I really want to live in. I have viewed at lots of rooms and everybody wants a year of contract so I think this solution will be good. On Monday I was more relax and happier because I left the hostel 😀 ! 

I am staying here at the moment!

16. I was looking for an ad at Craiglist and it was downtown, West End that I want to live. Just for $650. I emailed here and I got a viewing on Monday. It was alright, and she was a Korean. It was a shared kitchen and bathroom. She stayed in the living room and I would have the bed room. She just moved in the 1st of May. Her friend is going to move in with her boyfriend that is why she wanted a new roomie. She never cooks so I will basically have the kitchen for myself. Coin washing machines just downstairs from the apartment, $1.50 per wash and dryer. It was mine if I wanted to move in. I almost gave her the deposit. But I asked for consider time until the evening.

I talked to my landlord and with people back in Sweden. They said you should ask about:

  • rental agreement
  • it is allowed to have friends over

I called her and we talked. She said it is okay to have friends over for dinner at first, no parties. But then she said I am surrounded by people during the day. And when I come home I want it to be quiet and it may be inconvenient with people over.

Can I lived with that? I want to have opportunity to invite my friends for dinner. In Stockholm I did not do that so often because I did not have my own place or kitchen at the student room. In Malmö I did not have friends so I suggested for the Korean girl that we could have a month of trial period to see how it works out. She said that she wanted a person who wanted to stay for long-term and I should look for another place. But hey I want to stay for long-term but what happend if we can get along??? So it did not work out. My landlord said that a lot of people is moving during the summer and I will for curtain find a place in that area for around that price. We will see about that!

Now I know what I want. This is my dream: A room in downtown – West End, Yaletown, Stanley Park, sharing living room and kitchen with another girl in my age. If I can have my own bathroom that will be great. Laundry machines in the apartment. Maybe gym and swimming-pool in the building. Close to the beach and a good supermarket store. 

Otherwise a living room that I rent is fine too (bigger space) and the other girl is staying in the bedroom. And we share bathroom and kitchen. 

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