Posted by: livingthecanadiandream | 12 May, 2011

Big Bus Tour

Last Thursday I did a big bus tour with the Big Bus company for $ 38.

Big Bus from another day - our bus was smaller.

Amber, a new friend of mine from The Netherlands was excited about that. I call them to pick us up from Amber’s hostel. The girl said that the nearest pick-up is from Best Western at Granville St. So we walked there and we waited for the bus 11.40 am. Do you think the bus shows up? Then Amber called Big Bus after 10 min and the bus was late, so we needed to wait for 12.oo pm.

The bus route down here or if you want read about the sightseeing places and stops,-123.127728&spn=0.030738,0.077162&z=14 :

Yeah, the girl from Big Bus was wrong. During the bus ride we discovered that it was a more near bus stop at Amber’s hostel. It was a big deal for us for Amber’s feet were hurting from the days before.

Amber has all the photos in her Nikon system camera so I will post them when I get them! The bus tour took around 2 hours. You can hop off and hop on during the ride for all day or two days if you buy a two days ticket. I had not time for that – room viewing.

The only pic I took - the clock with smoke in Gastown

Guess what??? When I headed back to the hostel I saw a poster beside the elevator about all the discounts that you get with Hostel Membership. And it was a discount on the bus tour, $ 7 off!!! And I became a member when I checked in to the hostel 😦

Another company is the Pink Bus Tour that I get tip from my friend Bianca from Austria ,

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