Posted by: livingthecanadiandream | 12 May, 2011

Are you cooking up for a storm?

After nine days with sushi, pho and a lots of fast food like french fries and burgers I just wanted home-made food. The first thing I did when I moved in with Michelle was cooking.

One portion of lasagne - this tasted like home

She asked me: are you cooking up for a storm? You know when I cook I do a lot so I can freeze in portions.

Mincemeat sauce - it does not taste like home.

Lasagne! Mums!

I have not find lactose free sour cream (sv. gräddfil, crème fraiche) yet. But milk I bought yesterday but for 2 litre for $ 5!!! The food is very expensive here. I have already spent over $ 100 on grocery in three days. Do not buy whole wheat flour – it is not the flour like home!!!

Maybe because I went to one of the biggest and common one in Vancouver, Safeway – I thought I made a great deal. I saved $ 7 when I registered a membership.

And the closest one in Yaletown, the area I am living in is the Choices Market – they just has organic food. I did not know about that – I bought minced meat organic beef for 96 kr/kg.  Crazy!!!

Then Michelle told me about the Nesters Market, just 5 min from here. I like it. In this weekend we will go to the big Costco – like Martin Olsson back home,  Everything is in big packages.

Outside the downtown, in the suburbs we have Save-On-Foods and that is cheap according to Michelle. I need to take the Canada Line – two stations to Broadway to get there. I have not tried it.

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