Posted by: livingthecanadiandream | 28 April, 2011

No really good answers about insurance… yet

All of the Government authorities I have called the regional social insurance office (sv. Försäkringskassan) have been worse to call and get some answers from.

Försäkringskassan – Regional social insurance office 

I called them and I have emailed them.

Before you leave Sweden you need to fill a form that called “Uppgifter vid flyttning till eller arbete i ett annat land” (eng. leaving information when you moving to/or working in another country)

I tried to asked them what happened if I do not fill the form. No answer.

By filling the form you have no rights to use the social insurance in Sweden they say. But when I called the county council for the health care in Stockholm it is not correct. You still can use the social insurance like doctors and dentists. It depends on if your are in the national registration (sv. folkbokföring). I do not know what I should believe.

I have tried to check up the social insurance in Vancouver, British Columbia. I need to get back to that. I think I am cover under their insurance. I can only call them to know for sure.

Travel insurance

I wanted to check up the social insurance before I make up my mind which travel insurance I need. But it seems difficult. And with some people I have discuss it with I just need travel insurance for accident and death – maybe the three protections too. I think their other things like luggage lost and the categories from there I can skip.

The one is cover all

  • medical treatment
  • dental treatment
  • transport home – if a relative is serious ill, has accident or died and if transport to me if I am serious ill, has accident or died
  • death – transport home (sv. dödsfall)
  • accident (sv. olycksfall – invaliditetsbelopp)
  • assault protections (sv. överfallsskydd)
  • responsibility protection (sv. ansvarsskydd)
  • legal protection (sv. rättsskydd)
  • help in crisis – like therapy (sv. krishjälp)
  • luggage lost  like robbery, burglary (sv. lösegendom/bagage – egendomsskydd)
  • lost of tickets (sv. färdbiljetter)
  • travel documents like passport (sv. resehandlingar)
  • personal belongings (sv. personlig lösegendom)
  • money
  • delay – sometime it is included, not here beacuse they think you are using the householders’ comprehensive insurance (policy) (sv. hemförsäkring) the first 45 days

will cost at least 10 000 sek!!! for one year without excess (sv. självrisk).

I have not figure out what to do yet. Europeiska Reseförsäkringar (eng. Swedish travel insurance company) have one insurance package that called “Backpacker”

for 4 000 sek for one year but without somethings above. And you need to pay excess for 1 500 sek.

I need to decide soon…

Next that give me headaches is prescription drugs.

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