Posted by: livingthecanadiandream | 28 April, 2011

Driving licence – last question

You can drive six months with your Swedish Driving Licence – best to get an international driving licence – tips to see which organization which can issue it for you

I recommend Motorförarnas Helnykterhetsförbund (MHF) –

Cheapest and best organization if you want become a member – that is my opinion. I have compare the price. Note that I wanted the driving licence with express.

After the six months you need to take a Canadian driving licence. That is the rule in British Columbia. Maybe where you are going to an exception rule for visa.


theory test


driving test

as usual.

Tips for all the preparation before you leave Sweden!

Do not do it like me in the last days. You have SO much to check and fix that you did know about and some things that you did not know about. I thought that to get answers to my questions should be a piece of cake but I had so wrong. I should listen to my preparation books more – but hey to check all things up a year before to me sounds so far away.  But maybe a months before…

I am so stressed out now – my lesson: So do the preparations in time my travellers.

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