Posted by: livingthecanadiandream | 28 April, 2011

Call all the Government authorities… to find some answers to my questions

After few days back from my Easter Holidays in Älmhult I have been calling all the necessary authorities. I did not know that it would be so hard to find answers to some questions.

Here some help to the people going to Canada from Sweden:

Unionen – my membership in the union for sector as  for an example clerk

I have some insurance that I get discount if I have a membership in the union. And I have talked to the insurance company about that.  Life insurance is not included in your travel insurance and you can get money from that if something will happen to you when you are away. But normally it is only counts when you are in Sweden but they have a rule that within 12 months after you leaving Sweden you can use the insurance.

So I will have my membership left for 50 sek per month when I am away.

You call Unionen and tell them that you will be abroad and the dates when you are away.

Take contact by email or call them if you are back earlier or if you are away longer so you will pay the right fee.

Unionens a-kassa – unemployment benefit fund (society) 

Did you know that you can continue to your previous period of your unemployment compensation if you are back within 364 days?

Remember that!!! You need to come back to Sweden so you have time to register to the employment office (agency) and fill in the documents to the unemployment benefit fund before 365 days.

So I still need to pay the fee to the Unionens a-kassa when I am away. But are you away longer than one year you can leave the a-kassa. Because you do not win anything to paying the fee.

You can not count the working period in Canada, outside the European countries. It is different if you working within the European countries.

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