Posted by: livingthecanadiandream | 17 April, 2011

Time to pack up

Just two weeks left in Sweden, from today. Ooohh. I am starting to feel nervous.

Today it is time to pack up all my things in Stockholm och I need to sort out what I need to Canada. My thoughts: What kind of clothes do I need to pack to Canada?  Do I need to bring winter jacket, do I need duvet cover and so on. Much things to think about, you see.

Next week I am going to move the things that I do not need to my parents in Älmhult – you know the first Ingvar Kamprad Ikea Warehouse was built there?

My plan to find a room to stay did not go well. The mostly landloads want me to see the room first. And that is a great idéa. I have not think about that. It is better for me as well. Then I can see the room and I can rent the room I will comfortable with. My sister said you do not want to buy a pig in a poke (sv. köpa grisen i säcken) . Last year she moved to Brighton, UK to study for a semester.  She lived in a hostel for some days and then after that she finally found a decent room for the whole stay.

Post more information later! Now time to pack!

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