Posted by: livingthecanadiandream | 27 March, 2011

My Game

Now after three weeks my own game is finished! I can fix more graphics bugs and so but the deadline was yesterday.

Here are some pictures from the game which is called: Catch the letters and numbers!

The instruction screen – how to play the game

The game screen – catch the letter by pressing right key on the key board

The high score screen – if you have helped the bird Bogy more than other of his friends, you will be put on his friends’ list…

I wanted to have a special thanks screen but I had no time to programming it. So here it is:

Special Thanks

To Cliff, for the graphics and his voice for the sounds.

To Madeleine Z, for the support, the encouragement and the pushing to finish this project!

To Mateusz, for the faith in me, for your help and my guide in programming.

To Marcus H, for his patience for all my questions.



  1. Will the game become freeware, if so, could you put up a download line to it? 🙂

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