Posted by: livingthecanadiandream | 1 March, 2011

Time to start to find a job

So my course “Inventory your competence” is finished! I do not know what I want to become but I know what I am good at and what kind of task I want to work with. And I prioritized my values (sv. värderingar) in a job or at the place of work.

Now it is just to place my qualifications and my knowledge into one or several occupations  (sv. yrkesroll).  Yes, it will take some time… I wish that I can have a tool that I just input my qualifications and my knowledge and the tool or program will give me examples for occupations after pushing the finding my dream job-button.

Then it is time to start to find a job in Canada. Just two months left!!! And to apply for a job or ad, you need a good CV in English. I need to find out what a Canadian CV look like! I tried the google-search… just some tips came up but no example of a Canadian CV.

Someone who has a clue? Or can give me some tips?


Some general tips that I found: (Go to USA/Canada section of CV/resumes)

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