Posted by: livingthecanadiandream | 19 February, 2011

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A tricky question, for me at least. And after two days at my course “Inventory your competence” I know it is not just me.

I am at the point in my life I need to choose my occupation. Or just what I want to work with.

I am so glad for my job coach who has helped me a lot!

Here are some tips if you are confused as I am:

  • ask your friends what they think which are you good and bad qualities (sv. egenskaper)
  • ask your friends which occupations which they think suit you
  • do some tests, like the Swedish employment web page, about your interests. See link at below.
  • look at job ads, save them you get excited, happy, you want to have after reading the ad! Ignore the qualifications and demands.
  • If you do not find any ad that give you those feelings, save them if you like some of the tasks or the company, trade, industry. Then you have some keywords and you know more specific what you are looking for in a job.
  • If you find an interesting occupation take your time to find information about education, salary (if it is important for you), future prospects (sv. framtidsutsikter)
  • Ask a professional person who is working with the tasks or just the interesting occupation
  • For an example:
  • What is the main task?
  • How is the working environment?
  • How is the working time?
  • What kind of qualities and qualifications do you need?

The last thing: DO NOT SET ANY OBSTACLE (FENCE sv. hinder) FOR YOU!!! Do not exclude a thought, idea before you know ALL the facts! (Swedish, go to “Intressetest”)

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