Posted by: livingthecanadiandream | 17 February, 2011

Tickets booked! and paid, part 1

After five days I have booked and paid my tickets! It was a tough decision.

I am allergics to lots of foods and the cheapest airline tickets are found on the internet, I know. But then I would need to buy a service package to order my special food. I did the mistake last time when I booked tickets to US so I know better now. If I visit an agency I would need to pay the service fee (a.k.a. service package) anyway and I will get better service. So I visited two agencies, Kilroy and STA Travel. I chose them because my sister recommended Kilroy and my other friend from Canada bought her ticket at STA Travel. They both agencies are selling youth tickets (person under 26 years old).

The day before I made an appointment to both of the agencies. It was not necessary. The Kilroy office in Stockholm has not get my appointment time from Lund’s office. When I called them I spoke to the office in Lund. Kilroy has the same telephone number to all the office in Sweden. I asked who I am going to meet?  The one who is available. Hmm. But I sent a email to the Stockholm office with all my questions and in case if they do not get the message from Lund. When I arrived to the office at 11 am. They recieved my email in Stockholm but they have not book me to a special agent. And no phone call from Lund. Someone tried to reach Lund’s office but failed. So none wanted to talk to me… A woman helped me out later.

And the agent at the STA travel, her computer did not work. She recieved my email with all my questions but I talked to a man that helped me instead. But she did not forward the questions so I got to tell him all about the trip. So all the preparations with the email what I wanted to talk about did not use at all. I needed to repeat from the email and the agents were not prepared for my questions.

Both of the agents had good points. I was lucky that I talked to both of them. Because they gave me tips about different things. Like:

– check with the Embassy if you need to buy a return ticket.

– it is the cheapest to buy a ticket in October because November and December are months that a lot of people is travelling (you are  gonna to rebooked your tickets anyway).

– you need to buy a IYTC-card, to buy youth-tickets (under 26 years old) or some shops when you want to buy tickets for youth-costs. The cardholder will get some discounts on other things as well.

– insurance after 45 days if you have a householders’ comprehensive insurance (sv. hemförsäkring). Both agencies are vendor for “Gouda Youth travel insurance” (sv. Gouda Ungdomsreseförsäkring).

– you can buy a ticket to Vancouver but home from an example New York.

– the flight taxes are higher in Denmark. I was thinking about depart at Copenhagen. But the tickets at the other agency was cheaper from Copenhagen.


Work and Travel Company has two different program for Canada. You got a lot of help but it costs.


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