Posted by: livingthecanadiandream | 16 February, 2011

Single or return ticket?

I had my own ideas to just buy a single ticket. Just because I may want to travel after “the year”. But a travel agent got me to think about a return ticket. Because a single ticket cost almost like a return ticket.


+ flexibility

– more expensive?

– I am worried about the border control authorities do not to let me in to the country.

The Embassy of Canada said:

Do I need a return ticket?
The border control authorities prefer to see a return ticket, but understand that it is difficult in some cases. If you travel with a one way ticket, you may have to show a statement from your bank showing that you have enough money to purchase a return ticket. In very rare cases you have to deposit the money at the border. We do not need to see the ticket.


My friend called “the Canada Border Services Agency” and they said that the border control does not need to see a return ticket to the home country. But if you want to be really sure take contact with the Immigration department. So I did, but they said to take contact with your Canadian visa office if you are outside of Canada. And that is the Embassy of Canada!

( the Canada Border Services Agency

( Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Return ticket

+ cheaper

+ I know for sure that I can come home. I do not need to worry about money.

– the charges for rebooking the ticket

– I may not get the ticket I want when I rebook the ticket home.

– I must leave from Vancouver/Toronto airport.

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