Posted by: livingthecanadiandream | 15 February, 2011

Go or not go?

The work permit got approved in September 2010, last year. I got a job until December 2010 and I thought I was ready to go then! And after I earned some money to the adventure. My plan was during the time I was working I could plan the trip and find a job but the job in Sweden took a lot of time. So I decided to  move my Canada-trip to this spring.

Not only was the planing fault. I was nervous and doubtful if I really wanted this, going to Canada. Questions came up in my mind:

What happens if I can not find a job? What happens when my money is spent? What if I can make new friends? and so on

I got an advice from my jobcoach to just not think about the questions for a while.  She wanted me to just preparing myself, just thinking about leaving Sweden and travel to Canada. How it would feels like to go away and if it feels right . This was in the end of December 2010.

In the end of January I was still feeling and thinking about the trip. A company called me and wondered if I was interest of a post as a project administrator. And if I was the right candidate I should started the job in end of February until end of December. It felt like my dream job – I was looking for a  job like that. But if I took the job I was saying good bye to my Canada-adventure. Oohh, this was a dilemma!!! I was thinking about it for some days, weeks.

I decided to go to Canada! I remembered  my dream to go abroad and learn English and if I do not do it now I would never get a chance like this opportunity again.



  1. Good luck in Canada! Many of in Sweden hope that Canada wont steal you away for to long!

    • I think that what she want is what she need ^^. And I say go live The Canadian Dream if thats you call! I support you all the way!

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