Posted by: livingthecanadiandream | 14 February, 2011

Beginning of this journey!

Since the secondary school I always wanted to learn better English in a English speaking county. I was thinking about Ireland, Great Britain, Australia, US and Canada. Australia, US and Canada seemed so far away and with my budget it was a bit difficult. My friend went to Wales to work as au-pair and I wanted to follow if I found a job first. After I while I got a job and worked for four years.

Then after one year of university studies I did not want to continue with the subject, Computer and systems sciences. Then I remembered my dream that I wanted to work abroad to learn better English. My sister suggested Edinburgh, Scotland. I was planning to go there. Then my friend told me that I have always dreamt of going to Canada. “Why are you not travelling there?” When I investigated the “International Experience Canada program (Sweden) last time I needed to have a job offer before I applied. So I thought is was impossible this time too. But no, I did not need to and The Embassy of Canada was handling the applications now.

You just have to pass this criteria:


You can apply for a work permit under this program if you:
  • are a Swedish citizen living in Sweden
  • are between the age of 18 and 30 (inclusive)
  • are in possession of CAD $2,500 (approximately SEK 16,000)
  • have no criminal record
  • pay the participation fee (currently SEK 1035)
  • have not participated in this program before (except under certain circumstances, see below)
  • are not being accompanied to Canada by dependent children.

I applied and after just two weeks I got the work permit!!! I thought I needed to wait for like six weeks.



  1. Congratulations! 🙂 So for how long do you think you are going to stay?

    • I hope for the whole year that the work permit is approved! 😀 But my family is planing a trip to China in April 2012. So I will see what happens! And if the life in Canada is going well.

  2. OMG have you done this website your own? Its awsome anyway! 😀
    I will hopefully follow it so much I can! I hope i can come and visit you when you live there ^^ good reason for me to travell 😀
    /Love Amelie ❤

    • Yes and no! I have not made the theme (template) or the HTML-code. But I have designed the functions, type of the text and so on! I am proud how nice this blog became!:D You should begin to save money now!

  3. I’m just about 12 to 14 hours away from Canada. I just need to drive on I-5 from Sacramento to Oregon to Seattle, Washington and through the border and I’ll be in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada. I’ll try to make a trip up there when you arrive. Later cousin!

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